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Last Updated April 16, 2009

April 14, 2009:
I am adding named links this news file so I can make an RSS feed of it.

March 7, 2009:
Renamed mobile.michaelpeer.com to m.michaelpeer.com is seems to be more standard for mobile versions of sites to be named this way.

February 19, 2009:
Added headline on front page with a link to YouTube(TM) to video of KGTV shutting off their analog transmitter.

January 30, 2009:
Added Internet Games page. Added a link from Menu bar. On Games page added link for Discovery channel NLOS cannon.

January 21, 2009:
Added Logwatch to the list of freeware. Also added Firefox web browser to list of windows software. Yup finally added it. What can I say I like Opera. :)

January 5, 2009:
First page of Meter Hound is up! Added links on freeware page to VLC and KM Player media players.

August 13, 2008:
Added link for AWStats. Another web log analyzer package for IIS and apache.

April 30, 2008
Added website to info page that lists bogon IPs, IP address blocks that are not allocated on the Internet.

Sept. 24, 2007
Removed links on info page for dnsstuff. They have gone commercial, and limit number of queries. Added link to Infoblox page for DNS inspection.

July 5, 2007:
Added site for engadget news. The fluffy news site with lots of advertisement. If you search on google images for "Michael Peer" my picture is first and searching just my name gets you my website first! Yup I don't have a very big ego.

June 27, 2007:
Added on info pages links to validate CSS, XHTML, RSS, and commercial link for Bobby compliance.

April 13, 2007:
Added freeware link for DBAN.

December 2, 2006:
copied over some files, and lost alot of updates. I guess rebuilding next few days.

November 9, 2005:
Added links in freeware for Subversion, a replacement for CVS.

November 1, 2005:
Added link to Calam AV virus scanner.

October 30, 2005:
Removed extra footer include on Fun page.

October 9, 2005:
Added SharpReader to windows software. Added postgreSQL to windows list, and updated UNIX list. Added Opera to windows list. Updated link to FreeBSD Live CD Project.

October 4, 2005:
Sorry lost what this update was in editing.

August 7, 2005:
Fixed misspelling on server name pioneer.
Added in Large type and red, warning about fraud e-mails send as me.

May, 21, 2005:
Added link to FreeSBIE FreeBSD live CD to News page.

April 23, 2005:
Updated text on main page to reflect KOCE-TV Foundation owning KOCE-TV station now. Updated links from pioneer.gwc.cccd.edu to pioneer.koce.cccd.edu.

December 17, 2004:
Added copyright, and "Document name:" to footer.shmtl page, and removed it from all the rest of the pages. Update the php icon uses png file format. It still does not do a transparent background.

June 24, 2004:
Added more links to postfix help for UCE.

March 21, 2004:
Your probaly wondering about all the updates. I am home sick, so not much to do except watch TV, and update computers.
More updates to installed packages. I am now using portupgrade utility.

March 20, 2004:
Update information page. Added link to DNS Stuff web site. Updated OS FreeBSD 5.2.1 and then updated with security patches, and the like. Updated web server to Apache 2.0.49, PHP and postgres.

March 16, 2004:
Updated SPAM Help web page adding Security Sage.

Feb. 23, 2004:
Removed friends links for John Spiratos, Tom Juno, and Jim Fortune. The links have been dead for sometime now. Updated part time to full time employment for station. Cleaned up the text about work location.
Location perl script is broken, I will come back and fix it later.

Nov. 10, 2003:
Removed link for BSDI, since Wind River bought them, and then discontinued them.

Nov. 5, 2003:
Update Apache to 2.0.48 and php4 to 4.3.4rc1.
Removed Symantec Visual Cafe link, and replaced it with link to Eclipse.

Oct. 27, 2003:
Cleaned up spamhelp page.

Sept. 2003
Rebuild host computer OS. I am now running FreeBSD 5.1. I had to try it somewhere.

June 21, 2003:
Fixed spelling error on this page. Added links for postfix help on the bottom of spamhelp page. Added link to OnLamp page on how to patch a port.

June 6, 2003:
Updated PHP and Apache to latest versions.

May 4, 2003:
Added spam help page from the link and description for sendmail.

April 9, 2003:
Removed revision numbers from freeware page. It was just to hard to keep current. Since version numbers went away, download links went away becauase they were verson specific.

Feb. 26, 2003:
Added links on news page to Mac OS X from Apple computer, and Wasabi systems for embedded BSDI.

Feb. 24, 2003:
Added a category for Clubs and Organizations on News page. Added UUASC of Orange County as a Club. I have not been to one of there meetings is a L O N G time but I am hopping to go again.
I don't like the new background. I will find another and change it.

I found a better background. Any comments just e-mail me.

Feb 19, 2003:
That movie on the Movie Page will be the last for some time. I had to return the hardware.
Changed background. I could not resist, I haven't changed it in a long time.
Working on more PHP in the future, could be more fun.

Feb. 12, 2003:
Upgraded OS, PHP, and Apache. Broke lots of stuff, and have spent the last few days repairing everything. Should all work now.

Feb. 4, 2003:
Removed link for University Behind Levitz. It has been down for sometime, and given the current envirnoment I don't think it will ever be back.
A trivial update to VRML page. I am trying to contruct a dynamic VRML objects.

Jan. 23, 2003:
Added a movie page with one count'em one movie. Hopefully more will follow.

Jan. 5, 2003:
I have been working on private side of server. Apparently FreeBSD Zine is gone, at least their web site is now redirected to somewhere else.

Nov. 5, 2002
Updates link to public ntp time servers. Added link to tpj.com online The Perl Journal.

Oct. 30, 2002:
Added the logo's from Oct. 27, 2002 update to news, freeware, mylinks, fun, and updates pages. Also put codes in a footer html server side include file to make easier updating.

Oct. 27, 2002:
Added logo's for the various programs that help make the website possible. Cleaned up html code on main page, and freeware page. Added link for openssl on freeware page. Added link for GeoIP on perl freeware page.

Sept. 10, 2002:
Removed the link to alltheweb search engine, it turned out to be poor resource. Added a link to NOAA local weather for Huntington Beach on info page.

August 20, 2002:
Added Perl line on freeware page as a link to a perl page for perl links.

July 28, 2002:
Added GeoIP software to web server, and updated Network user message with country name.

July 15, 2002:
Updated versions on Freeware page. Fixed URL's for VRML page to get files from kellyj, and not pioneer.

June 22, 2002:
Added another picture to fun page.

June 21, 2002:
I added a Fun link to menu bar across the top.

May 5, 2002:
Updated description text on main page for where server is located, description of server. Updated where I work, and District information relationships.

April 29, 2002:
Added "My Links" reference at the top of the home page. "My Links" is a page for me to put my most often used links.

March 8, 2002:
Updated info pages. Added links to IANA information.

Feb. 22, 2002:
Updated Info pages. Removed no longer working bandwidth meters. Added links to ARIN pages. Added link at the top of the site for news, and put news on separate page. If you are reading this you found it!

Jan. 31, 2002:
Added link to Bind 9.2.0 pdf documentation. Add link to NetSaint, network monitoring tool.

Jan. 19, 2002:
On freeware page: Fixed position of OpenSSH entry. Added entry for zebra routing software.

Jan. 13, 2002
Fixed links on News page

Dec. 10, 2001
Fixed SSL page for

Dec. 9, 2001
Freeware page looks to be up to date, finally!
Unfornately I have found out SSL pages are broken, I will fix them when time is available.

Sept. 8, 2001
That next week or two updates has not even started, its been months. I will let you know as things progress.
pionneer has a new home, away from GWC and outside their firewall! It has been completely reworked. New OS, new apache, and php.
Updated Freeware page!

July 11, 2001:
Moved site to deltacode.com host off of pioneer at GWC. GWC is installing a firewall, and it was, and is still difficult to get to pioneer to update pages. I will be updating almost everthing over the next week or two. Thank you for you patience.

Jan. 26, 2001:
Updated more version numbers on freeware page.

Jan. 20, 2001:
Updated descriptions on Bandwidth meters on info page. Also added CNet's Bandwidth meter.
Added Proftpd ftp daemon to freeware page.

Jan. 1, 2001:
Fixed wrong version on squid it is 2.3-STABLE4 not 2.4-STABLE3 for latest version. Sorry.
Updated more version numbers on freeware page.

Dec. 10, 2000:
Updated links in freeware area.

Dec. 4, 2000:
Updated links on news and freeware, and added X Windows section to news area.

Oct. 12, 2000:
House cleaning, moved old news off main page.

Sept. 24, 2000:
Update Freeware page with newer version.

July 24, 2000:
Fixed a broken link to freshmeat.net.

July 9, 2000:
Update Freeware page newer versions are out there, and added more links to sites.

June 5, 2000:
Craig found a broken link on info page to FreeBSD Dairy, it is fixed now. I also found freshmeat.net is in a bit of transition. Upgraded web server to Apache 1.3.12.

June 4, 2000:
I have not had a chance to do more work on IPv6 page. So I am putting it on hold for awhile. Sorry.

June 3, 2000:
I found a new link that describes the ROOT name servers locations, no status though.

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