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Last Updated April 16, 2009

November 9, 2005:
Added links in freeware for Subversion, a replacement for CVS.

November 1, 2005:
Added link to Calam AV virus scanner.

October 30, 2005:
Removed extra footer include on Fun page.

October 9, 2005:
Added SharpReader to windows software. Added postgreSQL to windows list, and updated UNIX list. Added Opera to windows list. Updated link to FreeBSD Live CD Project.

October 4, 2005:
Sorry lost what this update was in editing.

August 7, 2005:
Fixed misspelling on server name pioneer.
Added in Large type and red, warning about fraud e-mails send as me.

May, 21, 2005:
Added link to FreeSBIE FreeBSD live CD to News page.

April 23, 2005:
Updated text on main page to reflect KOCE-TV Foundation owning KOCE-TV station now. Updated links from pioneer.gwc.cccd.edu to pioneer.koce.cccd.edu.

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