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Last Updated April 16, 2009

Nov. 5, 2002
Updates link to public ntp time servers. Added link to tpj.com online The Perl Journal.

Oct. 30, 2002:
Added the logo's from Oct. 27, 2002 update to news, freeware, mylinks, fun, and updates pages. Also put codes in a footer html server side include file to make easier updating.

Oct. 27, 2002:
Added logo's for the various programs that help make the website possible. Cleaned up html code on main page, and freeware page. Added link for openssl on freeware page. Added link for GeoIP on perl freeware page.

Sept. 10, 2002:
Removed the link to alltheweb search engine, it turned out to be poor resource. Added a link to NOAA local weather for Huntington Beach on info page.

August 20, 2002:
Added Perl line on freeware page as a link to a perl page for perl links.

July 28, 2002:
Added GeoIP software to web server, and updated Network user message with country name.

July 15, 2002:
Updated versions on Freeware page. Fixed URL's for VRML page to get files from kellyj, and not pioneer.

June 22, 2002:
Added another picture to fun page.

June 21, 2002:
I added a Fun link to menu bar across the top.

May 5, 2002:
Updated description text on main page for where server is located, description of server. Updated where I work, and District information relationships.

April 29, 2002:
Added "My Links" reference at the top of the home page. "My Links" is a page for me to put my most often used links.

March 8, 2002:
Updated info pages. Added links to IANA information.

Feb. 22, 2002:
Updated Info pages. Removed no longer working bandwidth meters. Added links to ARIN pages. Added link at the top of the site for news, and put news on separate page. If you are reading this you found it!

Jan. 31, 2002:
Added link to Bind 9.2.0 pdf documentation. Add link to NetSaint, network monitoring tool.

Jan. 19, 2002:
On freeware page: Fixed position of OpenSSH entry. Added entry for zebra routing software.

Jan. 13, 2002
Fixed links on News page

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