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Last Updated April 16, 2009

Dec. 10, 2001
Fixed SSL page for KellyJ

Dec. 9, 2001
Freeware page looks to be up to date, finally!
Unfornately I have found out SSL pages are broken, I will fix them when time is available.

Sept. 8, 2001
That next week or two updates has not even started, its been months. I will let you know as things progress.
pionneer has a new home, away from GWC and outside their firewall! It has been completely reworked. New OS, new apache, and php.
Updated Freeware page!

July 11, 2001:
Moved site to deltacode.com host off of pioneer at GWC. GWC is installing a firewall, and it was, and is still difficult to get to pioneer to update pages. I will be updating almost everthing over the next week or two. Thank you for you patience.

Jan. 26, 2001:
Updated more version numbers on freeware page.

Jan. 20, 2001:
Updated descriptions on Bandwidth meters on info page. Also added CNet's Bandwidth meter.
Added Proftpd ftp daemon to freeware page.

Jan. 1, 2001:
Fixed wrong version on squid it is 2.3-STABLE4 not 2.4-STABLE3 for latest version. Sorry.

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