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Last Updated April 16, 2009

Dec. 10, 2000:
Updated links in freeware area.

Dec. 4, 2000:
Updated links on news and freeware, and added X Windows section to news area.

Oct. 12, 2000:
House cleaning, moved old news off main page.

Sept. 24, 2000:
Update Freeware page with newer version.

July 24, 2000:
Fixed a broken link to freshmeat.net.

July 9, 2000:
Update Freeware page newer versions are out there, and added more links to sites.

June 5, 2000:
Craig found a broken link on info page to FreeBSD Dairy, it is fixed now. I also found freshmeat.net is in a bit of transition. Upgraded web server to Apache 1.3.12.

June 4, 2000:
I have not had a chance to do more work on IPv6 page. So I am putting it on hold for awhile. Sorry.

June 3, 2000:
I found a new link that describes the ROOT name servers locations, no status though.

May 29, 2000:
Added a few more links to freeware page and news page.

May 4, 2000:
Added a few more links to freeware page.

May 1, 2000:
Updated headings and links on news page.

April 25, 2000:
Added a few more links to news page.

April 6, 2000:
Added a few more links to info, fixed up news page, and added to freeware page. A link to page showing location and status of ROOT NAME servers. Stay tuned for future IPv6 page. ( See June 3, 2000 entry for update )

April 5, 2000:
Added a few more links to news page.

March 4, 2000:
Sysadmin asked the girl of his dreams to marry him. She said YES! No date yet.

February 18, 2000:
GWC is working on power more, so we were out for awhile again. I will try to find next one, and give out some warning.

February 15, 2000:
Its my Birthday!

February 9, 2000:
Always updating the freeware page, so I won't list it anymore.

Januray 6, 2000:
Removed Welcome wave file, I am tired of hearing it already.

January 5, 2000:
Added new links at the top of the page for quick jumps to often visited pages. New Links page for BSD news and sites to visit. Added Freeware page with a few links, more to come over the next two weeks. Added Information page with links to bandwidth meter and SSL information page. Added Welcome wave file to page.

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